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Khasi Hills
Khasi, Meghalaya Travel PackagesThe central district of Meghalaya, and is the most beautiful of all the hills, with both vibes of bustling township and the calm and peaceful valley with unspoiled beauty. The nature has confiscated a lot of blessings to this place, which is evident in the natural treasures scattered in all round the hill.

The headquarter of the central district of Meghalaya is also the capital of Meghalaya. This beautiful hill station which is situated at an altitude of 1496m is called the “Scotland of East” for its undiluted beauty which is quit similar to Scottish Highland considered as one of the most charming places of the entire North East is the meeting point of traditional culture and cosmopolitan style. One can visit the Shillong peak, Ward's Lake, Botanical Garden, Lady Hydari Park, Elephant Falls, Spread Eagle Falls and a old 18 hole Golf Course.

Around Shillong
Umaim (Barapani), a lake resort on Guwahati-Shillong highway, is a good picnic spot. The artificial lake is an angler's delight.

Cherrapunjee (Sohra) was one of the soggy place and famous for Nohsngithiang falls is situated at an altitude of 1300m. The place has many limestone caves, and some natural stone formations. The orange honey of the place is equally famous.

Mawsynram is famous for being the wettest place of the world. The giant stalagmite formed Shivalinga; locally called “Mawjymbuin” is a natural delight.

Ranikor, is a small tribal village 140km from Shillong is an angler’s delight. The place is famous for its Golden Masheer.

Nartiang, famous for the monolith garden erected by the villagers. The tallest of the monoliths is about 27ft. is said to be the walking stick of U’Mar Phalyangki, the giant of Jaintia legend. This place was the summer resort of the Jaintia Rajas. Human sacrifice was a part of religious life until 1732 AD.
Meghalaya Travel & Tours
Bara Bazar, is the oldest and the biggest Bazar or market of Shillong.

Jaintia Hills
Situated in the eastern side of Meghalaya, Jaintia Hills forms eastern district of the state. The home of Jaintia tribes is a picturesque hill. This hill district was created soon after the state was given statehood under Indian Union.

Jowai the headquarter of Jaintia Hills is situated at an altitude of 1380m along Shillong-Silchar highway, at a picturesque setting circled by the majestic Myntdu river.

Thadlaskein Lake, a legendary lake on Shillong-Jowai highway, situated amidst grassy meadows, rice terraces, moods of oak and the meandering Myntdu River, is a good picnic spot.

Nartiang, the place situated at a distance of 65km from Shillong, is the site of clusters of Giant Monoliths. The tallest of which is 8m high, 2m wide and 18inches thick. The monoliths are collective considered as the tallest in the world.

Syndai is a village, located in Jowai-Dawki Road, dotted with several caves and caverns. Till date eleven of the existing caves have been discovered. In the early days these caves were used as hide-outs by Jaintia Kings during war times.

Garo Hills
Forming the western part of Meghalaya, the Garo Hills are paradise for naturalists. The Arabella and Tura range passing through the Garo Hills forms, Balpakram valley. The place offers a panoramic view of the sweeping curves of Bhramhaputra and the low lying plains. The sunset from Tura peak the highest point of the place at about 1400m is a wonderful experience.

Meghalaya Tours & TravelsTura , situated at a picturesque setting with hills in the backdrop of low lying plains and river Bhramhaputra making a sweeping curve on its way to Bangladesh. It was previously known as 'Dura', the part name of goddess Durama lmbama. It is the headquarter of West Garo Hills.

Around Tura
Nokrek Bio-Sphere Reserve, this is the first bio-sphere reserve of North Eastern region and situated at a distance of 2Km from Tura.

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